Timeless elegance, natural beauty and refined style came together at the Hôtel La Figuière in Ramatuelle

Timeless elegance, natural beauty and refined style came together at the Hôtel La Figuière in Ramatuelle for a photo reportage shoot by renowned photographer Gilles Bensimon and talented stylist Laura Seganti, for the Italian ELLE magazine. In this remarkable collaboration, these two masters of the visual arts captured the very essence of fashion and sophistication, while offering a unique vision of the contemporary woman. Go behind the scenes of this exceptional photo shoot, which promises to enchant ELLE readers around the world.

The fashion world is constantly on the lookout for new inspirations and magical locations to capture beauty and elegance. Nestled between fields of vines and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, our renowned establishment was chosen for its natural beauty. Located in Ramatuelle, in the south of France, Hotel La Figuière offered an idyllic setting for the shoot. The lush gardens and sun-drenched terraces provided the perfect backdrop for the photo shoots.

An unrivalled artistic vision

Gilles Bensimon, a photographer renowned for his unrivalled artistic eye, has succeeded in capturing the beauty of every moment with remarkable precision and grace. His mastery of light, color and composition brings to life images of captivating depth. Through his lens, he has captured the very essence of the modern woman, bold and elegant, as portrayed in the pages of the Italian ELLE.

Accompanying Gilles Bensimon’s talent, stylist Laura Seganti infused each outfit with a dose of audacity and sophistication. Her expertise in the art of styling created unique looks with incomparable subtlety and elegance. Every detail has been carefully considered to reflect current fashion trends while preserving a timeless sense of style.

An international collaboration

This photo reportage shoot for the Italian ELLE issue at the Hotel La Figuière not only honors the Italian edition of the magazine, but also the common vision shared by all ELLE magazines worldwide.

With the participation of ELLE International and ELLE Italy, this photo shoot embodies the cross-border nature and global influence of fashion. The pages of Italian ELLE become the stage for a dialogue between different cultures and perspectives, creating a unique synergy that transcends geographical boundaries.

Photographer: Gilles Bensimon • Stylist: Laura Seganti
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