At lunchtime...

La Figuière Hotel also has a Mediterranean restaurant.

Head chef for 20 years, André Fumat invites you to enjoy a refreshing meal in the poolside restaurant.

The evenings will be just as delightful at the charming hotel la Figuière and your host will prepare his menu for you, inspired by Mediterranean flavours and aromas, indulging you in gourmet and balanced cuisine.

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Our chef André Fumat proposes…


Parma ham16€

Avocado Caribbean-style14€

Tomatoes & buffalo mozzarella15€

Salade niçoise or Salad of the day14€

Tomato tart13€

Provençal tart & mesclun salad13€

Beef carpaccio & mesclun salad15€

Melon (depending on the season) & Parma ham17€

Mesclun with Crottin de Chavignol goat’s cheese13€

Mesclun salad with bacon13€



Pasta with pistou or tomato sauce15€

Pasta with butter10€

Pasta with morel mushrooms20€


Hamburger steak with fried egg and chips20€

Steak tartare, chips25€

Grilled fillet of beef, chips26€

Fillet of beef with pepper sauce, chips29€

Fillet of beef with morel sauce, chips35€

Veal Milanese, pasta24€

Lamb noisettes with garlic confit, dauphinoise potatoes25€

Figuière omelette or omelette with basil13€

Children’s dish16€

[Provenance of meat: France & European Union]


Roasted king prawns or King prawns à la provençale, rice and vegetables35€

Whole fish (for 2 persons): Sea bass or Sea bream, rice and vegetables90€

Grilled fillet of sea bream, rice and vegetables35€

Grilled fillet of sea bass, rice and vegetables30€

Roasted fillet of sea bass with Champagne sauce, rice and vegetables35€

Sole meunière (depending on catch), rice and vegetables45€

Rock lobster (to order) per 100 grAccording to market price


Green salad7€

Portion of vegetables: green beans, mangetout, carrots10€

Portion of chips7€


Dauphinoise potatoes9€


Selection of cheeses12€

Crottin de Chavignol with olive oil9€

Saint Marcellin from La Mère Richard12€


Tarte tropézienne11€

Iced nougat & red fruit coulis13€

Crème caramel11€

Melt-in-the-middle chocolate pudding11€

Zabaglione with red fruit and Champagne14€

Bowl of seasonal red fruit14€

Tart of the day12€

Fromage blanc with red fruit coulis10€

Homemade sorbet or ice cream (3 scoops): Choice of Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry, Coffee, Pistachio, Vanilla12€

Scoop of ice cream4€

Iced Grand Marnier Soufflé14€

Cornetto / Magnum5€



Côtes de Provence 75cl Magnum
Domaine Tropez    
Rosé 29€ 65€
Red 31€  
White 27€  
Cuvée Sublime    
Rosé 39€  
Red 39€  
White 39€  
Château Sainte-Marguerite - Cuvée Symphonie    
Rosé 49€ 90€
Red 49€  
White 49€  
Bandol 75cl Magnum
Château Salettes    
Red 52€  
BORDEAUX 75cl Magnum
Lagrave Martillac    
Pessac Leognan 60€  
Château Clément Pichon    
Haut Medoc 75€  
Marquis de Calon    
Saint-Estephe 85€  
Beaujolais 75cl Magnum
Château de la Perrière    
Brouilly 42€  
Burgundy 75cl Magnum
White 42€  
Red 62€  


  75cl Magnum
Deutz 95€  
Ruinart Brut 135€  
Ruinart Blanc de blancs 170€ 330€


  Small Large
Vittel 5€ 7€
San Pellegrino   9€
Eau de Perrier   9€


Beer 6€
Ice Tropez 6€
Glass of wine 6€
White wine kir 7€
Glass of Champagne 13€
Piscine de Champagne 15€
Pastis 5€
Campari, Martini, Porto 6€
Americano 10€
Gin, Vodka, Whisky 10€
Gin, Vodka, Whisky + mixer 13€
Morito 15€
Fruit juice (Pago) 5,50€
Freshly squeezed fruit juice 7€
Soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Orangina, Perrier) 5€
Coffee, Decaf 3,50€
Tea, herbal tea 4,50€
Cappuccino 6,50€
Irish Coffee 15€