News from La Figuière

The charming hotel La Figuière: Your experience shared

Hotel La Figuière is located in a privileged environment close to Saint Tropez.
Cécile and her mother Monique Chaix, owner of the place, are happy to receive their guests in its epicurean and warm atmosphere.

The quality of service in our Hotel is of the utmost importance and is part of our team and family values.
Therefore customer satisfaction is a primary focus.

To be closer to our guests and build a trustworthy relationship, our hotel shares its daily life on social networks, including Instagram

Winter at the Hotel la Figuière

Even in the middle of winter you can enjoy beautiful sunny days at Hotel La Figuière. The vegetation in enchanting Provençal colors helps you to immediately disconnect from your daily routine.

This beautiful picture shared with our subscribers on Instagram has had its effect. It made some of you remember your stay and the others feel the charm of this peaceful and cozy house.

The charm of Provençal vines

The vineyard and its natural beauty! During your stay at the hotel you will be surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see.

Take an escape to our hotel with comfortable rooms and duplex terraces overlooking the vineyards.

Our customers are unanimous when they see this picture. Phrases like “Take me there” or “very beautiful pic” make us understand to what extent the charm of these landscapes is appealing.

Sunny summer at the Hotel La Figuière

Summer has arrived at La Figuière and this ravishing bougainvillea predicts beautiful sunny days.

Charm, authenticity and nature are the key words of our hotel’s environment.
These colors and vegetation invite you to a small, refined and unique world of La Figuière.

Our subscribers are clear in their comments: “this sublime terrace”, “magnificent”. Isn’t that enough to comfort you in the choice of your next stay in the south?

The authentic decoration of the rooms and duplexes of La Figuière

A glimpse of the duplex terrace overlooking the vineyard. Tiled in traditional red terracotta, La Figuière resists fashion and tinsel…

The rooms’ decoration is elegant, their furniture is ancient and sober, the beds are adorned with pretty cotton fabrics, and the bathrooms are made in Salernes tiling.

Take an escape to our Boutique Family Hotel where you can also benefit from its gourmet Mediterranean restaurant.

This Instagram post made our customers wish to come back for a stay at our Hotel.

Do not wait any longer and book your room right away.