You just can’t visit Ramatuelle without exploring the natural heritage!

A real gem, 70% of its area is covered with forest. The gulf of Saint-Tropez covers more than ten municipalities. Each of them boasts its own identity and history which form all the charm and authenticity of Provence.
Tourists come from all over the world to discover this magnificent and unique place.

Visit Ramatuelle and enjoy the beauty of its uniqueness

Visit Ramatuelle and explore its exceptional landscapes.

The charming village of Ramatuelle is part of the gulf of Saint-Tropez.
Its originality is due to its zig-zagging landscape. It is always enjoyable to walk through it and admire its architecture.
Its ancient medieval structure has been preserved to the delight of its visitors and villagers. The Hotel Restaurant La Figuière fits perfectly into this architecture and offers you an unforgettable stay in the heart of Provence.

Ramatuelle city

The gulf of Saint-Tropez is well known for its showy side and less for its authentic beauty.
However, the landscapes offered by the gulf of Saint-Tropez are really breathtaking and deserve more attention.

Provence villages, tiny narrow streets, crafts and small walks crisscrossing the hills will immerse you in the history of Saint-Tropez.

The authentic beauty of the hilltop villages is often put aside in favor of the luxurious atmosphere that the port of the city of Saint-Tropez can offer.
What is exceptional in the gulf of Saint-Tropez though is the different facets it has to offer.
You will have the chance to discover this animated and plentiful side of the coast and then go back and enjoy the natural peacefulness and beauty of the Var countryside landscapes.